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FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are by far the most popular rolling bearings. They dominate the current demand at more than 80 percent of requirements. The enormous variety of designs is therefore hardly surprising.

FAG Generation C deep groove ball bearings are available in outer diameters from 26 to 90 millimeters. They are available with riveted steel cages as standard or with polyamide cages on request. They can be supplied in tolerance class P6 or P5 (on request). These bearings can be ordered with one or two gap seals (Z, 2Z), as well as with one or two lip seals (HRS, 2HRS), or on request with low friction non-contact labyrinth seals (2BRS). Of course, the bearings are also available with larger (C3, C4) or smaller (C2) radial internal clearances.

And if this is not enough, you don't have to make any compromises. We can supply our customers with a customized solution for their needs.

You can download our Technical Product Information TPI 165 here:

Compendium types

629-C 629-C-2HRS 629-C-2Z  
6000-C 6000-C-2HRS 6000-C-2Z  
6200-C 6200-C-2HRS 6200-C-2Z  
6001-C 6001-C-2HRS 6001-C-2Z  
6201-C 6201-C-2HRS 6201-C-2Z  
6002-C 6002-C-2HRS 6002-C-2Z  
6202-C 6202-C-2HRS 6202-C-2Z  
6203-C 6203-C-2HRS 6203-C-2Z  
6004-C 6004-C-2HRS 6004-C-2Z  
6204-C 6204-C-2HRS 6204-C-2Z  
6205-C 6205-C-2HRS 6205-C-2Z  
6206-C 6206-C-2HRS 6206-C-2Z  
6207-C 6207-C-2Z 6207-C-2HRS  
6208-C 6208-C-2Z 6208-C-2HRS  

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